Drainage Tile Solutions

Protect your home and save $250 off any drain tile project of $2,500 or more! Protect Your Most Important Investment, Your Home, With Our "Outdoor Plumbing" and Drain Tile Services Michigan winters can wreak havoc on your lawn. Rain and melted snow can turn even the most beautiful backyard into a marshy mess. However more than a mere inconvenience, did you know a flooded backyard can damage your home?

Many basement leaks have less to do with the foundation of your home and more to do with the drainage systems surrounding it. Which means water from your swampy yard can find its way indoors. The costs associated with water damage to your home can be also from flooding damage to your belongings.

Custom Drainage Tile Solutions

We at Sir Williams Gardens provide excellent, drainage tile services to tackle these problems. Our company caters to clients in across the Metro Detroit area & throughout Southeastern Michigan. Commercial clients in Plymouth, Canton, and Northville turn to us for all their drainage tile installation needs. Our team has successfully completed similar projects in Novi Livonia, and Salem.

Many residential properties in Farmington, Farmington Hills, Southfield and the surrounding areas sport exterior drainage tile features that we have designed and installed. Over the years, we have completed projects on commercial and residential properties in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti too.

About Exterior Drain Tile

Exterior drain tile is highly effective in intercepting & draining away groundwater before it gets into your basement. It is a component of “positive side” waterproofing and protects your basement areas regardless of whether the groundwater is due to:

  • Overflowing gutters
  • Absorption of heavy rains
  • Over-watering of plantings and lawns
  • Overflowing gutters
  • Shifted/incorrectly positioned downspouts

Exterior drain tiles are also referred to as weeping tile, French drains or Footing tiles. Regardless of what you call it, the feature is installed in a similar way and performs the same function. During the installation process, we will also install certain features to protect it against seepage through foundation walls. We apply a specialized waterproofing membrane to the exterior of the walls and cover it completely with drainage board.

Why Install Exterior Drain Tile?

The one way to ensure your basement is well-protected from water seepage and basement flooding is to install interior and exterior drain tiles. These two features, in combination, provide your basements spaces the ultimate protection from moisture and water. There are a number of reasons to opt for exterior drain tile installations such as:

  • It helps prevent deterioration of and damage to the foundation walls.
  • If your home is built on a foundation made of brick, stone, concrete block, or any other masonry, these outdoor drain tiles can prevent problems like wetness/structural damage.
  • Protection for a finished basement- since the exterior drain tile is installed outside the foundation walls, there is no need to tear up a finished basement and install interior drain tiles.

Sir Williams Gardens offers a full range of landscaping services to improve and beautify your home, and our specialty is drain tile installation and repair. This service acts as a form of "outdoor plumbing", turning the marshland on your property into a livable yard as well as protecting your home.

Guaranteed Drain Tile Installation

We are the experts that design and install well-engineered drain tiles on commercial and residential properties. We understand that every setting is different and that every structure may face different problems. It’s why we always adopt a tailored approach to every project.

The latest and most advanced waterproofing solutions and installation techniques will be used in the work and our team will complete the project skillfully and in a timely manner. All our work is covered by iron-clad guarantees so you can be sure we will complete the job right the first time around.

We have included several pictures (below) showing Plymouth, Canton, West Bloomfield area homeowners that recently called us with their drainage issues. Each picture shows problems with improper Drain Tile Installation, needing Drain Tile, or poor grading area.

To discuss your project and to request a quote, feel free to call Sir Williams Gardens at 248-252-5248. You can also send us your requests and queries about Landscape Design cost through this Contact Us form.

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