Perennial Garden Installation & Maintenance

Garden Installation Plymouth, MIOne of the elements that help balance things out in any landscape is the softscape. Just imagine a real estate property that has no tree, shrub, or turf – only hard and lifeless structures, such as decks, walls, and concrete surfaces. Softscapes not only provide cooling effect in any landscape -- they also add to the overall beauty of the area. Additionally, with proper placement and correct choice of plantings, you can have a beautiful landscape that is refreshing and absolutely inviting. And with proper maintenance, you can enjoy such great benefits no matter the time of year.

Here at Sir William’s Gardens, we are proud of our plant experts who have handled clients’ perennial garden installation and maintenance needs. We use only the best varieties of perennial plants from our nursery to guarantee landscapes that are absolutely stunning. Meanwhile, our crews have proper equipment that allows them to perform maintenance works with ease and guaranteed positive results. Additionally, we offer reasonable pricing for both installation and maintenance, so clients can enjoy our reliable services without going over budget.

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Garden Design and Installation Experts

If you wish to have a captivating and lush outdoors, you should only hire a landscaping company with professionally trained crews. By entrusting your landscape in the hands of experts, you can realize your dream garden or landscape complete with amenities that you desire. Here at Sir William’s Gardens, we have been providing Michigan residents with reasonably priced garden installation service. When you hire us, you will get a unique garden that can bloom all year round, making it a focal point in your yard.

Unlike other companies who rely mainly on nurseries, we grow our own perennials and plantings, so they are guaranteed healthy and of the best varieties. Additionally, we maintain a wide selection of premium perennials and garden flowers that are native to the state. Among others, we recommend the following perennial species:

  • Catnip
  • Coral Bell
  • Hibiscus
  • Phlox
  • Shasta Daisy
  • Rose
  • Sedum

Offers Professional Landscape Maintenance

As what our past and present clients would attest to, there are some outstanding advantages when you hire us for your perennial garden installation and maintenance needs. First, we have knowledgeable and well-experienced personnel who can maintain the great shape and health of your gardens. We can also create a sensible landscape maintenance program that will target your maintenance concerns and yield the results that you have in mind. You can hire us to perform trimming, pruning, fertilizing, weed control, and other landscape care tasks. With us, you are guaranteed of a garden or landscape that is teeming with lush perennials, making your outdoors truly captivating.

Affordable Rates Guaranteed

As mentioned, we count our reasonable rates as one of our main advantages over other companies offering perennial garden installation and maintenance services. This means that, even if you have a limited budget, we can still offer the perfect rate to accommodate your desired assistance. Just call us so we can discuss your specific needs and offer the lowest price quote possible.

Areas We Service:
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